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June 2014 .....we're back! Batteries are recharged and ready to rock!

MuchMore Country

MuchMore Country is a premier Northwest rooted country band with a melting pot of influences from various genres. Formed in 2003, the band was an immediate hit in the Portland area. As they enter year number 10, the music's gettin' tighter and the shows are getting wilder! A must see live!

2004 proved to be quite a test for the boys playing well in excess of 100 shows while holding down good old day jobs as well. The bands sophomore year became even more trying and forced members to make the decision of music as a hobby or a career.

MuchMore Country consists of 2 energetic Oregonians from the outskirts of Portland. Chris Muchmore's haunting natural vocal and harmony blends combined with crazy ole Nashville Matty lockin' it together from behind the skins(or an occasional guitar) backed by some of the top musicians in the Northwest and ...... You're likely to get dizzy just watching these guys perform!

In their time together they have opened many large events for national acts, been on television, had radio air play, became an official Armed Force Entertainment Act and received sponsorships offers including Liquid Charge malt beverage.

Currently the band is working on branching out and taking the party from coast to coast and beyond. Booking, contact and scheduling information is available at They have been in high demand since the 2011 reunion and are available for bookings at just about any venue. They currently are performing in a "full band" capacity as well as their "Rockin' Acoustic" show! If you get the chance to see a show, grab yourself a shot, a cold one and prepare to be mystified by a band that's wilder than a mighty yak during mating season!


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MuchMore Country
9426 SW Maplewood Dr. Suite G74,
Tigard, OR 97223
(503) 332-4323
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